Our Services

Our Services Includes :-

We offer a wide range of business services and share our local knowledge and expertise to help businesses establish a base in Oman or find the right partner.

Identification Of Investment Opportunities :

We can provide assistance in :

  • Market and sector analysis
  • Identification of businesses to buy or partner with
  • Search for trademarks and patents to buy or to license
  • Consultancy on the most suitable type of business entity and the necessary authorisations.

Business Set-Up :

We help you with all that you need to get your company or yourself up and running including the initial stage, legal setup, operational setup, administrative authorizations and recruitment of the workforce.We can also do company registration,renewals and visa related requirements.

Location Search :

Finding the right location is essential in Oman, according to the sector required.

Business Planning And Access To Credit And Incentives :

Our experts will assist you in creating a sustainable business model. We will help quantify every aspect of your business and plan your next moves. We can also research financing solutions and funding.

Recruiting :

We can assist in finding the required qualified staff.

Due Diligence On Potential Business Partner Or Investment :

Before engaging business partners, it is essential to know them and evaluate all risks and benefits.

We can provide information on:

  • Financial position
  • Corporate image
  • Environmental accountability and policy compatibility,
  • Market position
  • Market share
  • Market access (e.g. registrations with various entities)

Acquistions and other transactions :

Based on client requirements we can search for potential businesses and initiate negotiations for an acquisition.

Comprehensive Support :

We offer a comprehensive range of specialized office and administrative support services to create a one-stop business solution. All services are fully tailored to your needs and requirements.

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