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    Business Gate is the first company in Oman to specialize business services for the domestic and international market.
    Welcome to Business Gate
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    Identification of investment opportunities , Business set-up, Location search, Business Planning and access to credit and incentives,
    Recruiting, Due diligence on potential business partner or investment, Acquistions and other transactions, Comprehensive support
    Our Services
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    A well-developed infrastructure with excellent transport and communication facilities
    No personal taxation, No restriction on capital and profit repatriation
    Duty-free access to Gulf Cooperation Council (GCC) member states for products manufactured in Oman
    No exchange control
    High living standards
    Skilled workforce
    Competitive Advantages

Business in OMAN

  • Strategic Geographical Location
  • Facts About OMAN
  • Competitive Advantages
  • Grants and Incentives
  • Legal Requirements

Our Services

We offer a wide range of business services and share our local knowledge and expertise to help businesses establish a base in Oman or find the right partner.

  • Identification of a partner or representative
  • Due diligence on potential business partner or investment
  • Business set-up
  • Identification of investment opportunities in oman
  • Business planning and access to credit and incentives
  • Recruiting
  • Local laws and requirements information support
  • Visas for business visitors

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